Advice on visa application rout


Hi Everyone,

My name is Timi and I need advice on my wife’s visa application, my wife will be rounding up her PhD in computer science from a university in Nigeria, she plans to set up her own A.I firm and lecture in the UK, her research thesis is focused on special needs children using machine learning tools. Now my question is

do you advice we apply now or wait till she finishes next year?

What’s the best visa to apply through( exceptional leader or exceptional promising leader)
What are our chances ( any advice here at all will help)
Is there any other membership affiliation anyone advice’s on or before application that will assist in securing the visa?

Well to add she has 4 kids ( inclusive of a special need child).

Any help will go a long way.



Hello Timi,

Thank you for your interest in Global Talent visa and reaching out to us.

It does sound like your spouse might have a chance to be succesful in Global Talent Promise route ( for the reference - visa has been renamed) as she is finishing her studies and have a desire to pursue the career in AI and have a business idea in place. If you do not have a plan to migrate to the UK anytime before next year, I would say there is no point of applying now as you will have to apply 3 months after your endorsement if you are succeffull and then enter the UK withing 30 days after Stage 2.

I would recommend to evaluate your plan and have a look at the criterias before making a decision.