Are Coursera certificates valid for 'Evidence of having continuously updated technical skills'?


I have read at few places that Coursera certificates should be fine. But the reason I am asking is because Coursera certificates don’t mention the number of hours required to complete the course. But on techNation docs it says, “Each course should have required at least 20 hours to complete and you should​​evidence the hours required for each course.”
So will a coursera certificate prove this? or will the committee actually go to the course home page and check if it’s 20 hours or now?


Dear Subhash,
Thank you for your question. I believe it is one of the unclear points about supporting documents since many people asked me about a different type of Coursera / Udacity, etc. certifications.

So, let’s look in-depth, to apply your Coursera certificate you must have not only a simple piece of paper with your credentials and high score! By the way, if your score is an average, please, do not apply this evidence since it will negatively influence the application.
Your Coursera certificate has to be a basis for some achievements. If you have learnt there new language or skill, you must have practical implementation of it.
For example, if you learn a course about Advanced Data Science and some tricks using R to work with data, you must link it with your occupation or side projects. How do you use this new knowledge in real life? It should not be a completed course that leads nowhere. You must use your obtained knowledge to make your expertise in data science more profound and your work in your niche - more priceless and unique.
That is why there is no requirement for hours. I believe - it has to be a requirement about the financial success of your knowledge. Only money can be appropriate metrics for the level of your readiness to apply the knowledge, gained thanks to Coursera. But as of now, I think it is quite a fair requirement for Exceptional Promise to have a certificate and demonstrate how the finished course helped with real-life problems.
Additionally, I would like to recommend you to read paragraph 4 from my blog post. It is about the most popular mistakes of the applicants, and I think it will be relevant to this question too.

Andrii Seleznov


Thanks a lot Andrii. That is really useful information.

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