Bringing Family on Tier1, Requirements to Stay


Hi Everyone
I’ve received my endorsement from TechNation and the visa. I will be coming in few weeks. I have few questions:

  1. I need to bring my family with me. Two of my kids has US passport and other 2 has Pakistani passport. Do I need to apply for Tier1 for all of them as dependents or only the ones with Pakistani passport?

  2. After I get my BRP and NINO, is there a requirement to stay in the UK or can I go and come back as I will, as I need to settle down few things back home before moving permanently and it will take few trips

  3. Is there a way to find a job quicker on Tier 1 visa, or any support network who can guide me where to stay and where to find work. This is my first time in UK, so all of UK is same to me and don’t know how to pick a town which I can call home

Looking forward for your help please


Congrats for joining our talented army of digital gurus in the UK :slight_smile:

  1. All of your dependents (kids) must have visas. This means that both with the US passports and Pakistani ones. Here I wrote details about my own experience how to get Exceptional Talent Child Visa.
  2. No requirements at all after you will have your BRP in hands. Even NIN is not an obligation for you to stay. Travel as you need.
  3. In our community social media channels (Slack & Facebook) we have updates on hiring. It is an exclusive way how to get a great job quickly and since it is posted by our members - in most cases, companies are trusted and interesting. So join us there and see you soon!

Andrii Seleznov


Thank you so much. do you have a link of that Facebook page to find the job?


You can fill this form and then you will get further instructions.

Andrii Seleznov