Can Two Short evidences or letters be place In single documents,if not exceeding 2 pages


Hi ,

Thank you .

Please let me know if I can place two evidences in a single document without exceeding two sides of A4 size page.
And do I need to write a description for the evidence.


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Hey Surya,

As Herman said, I think it would be confusing to have two pieces of evidence in one page if they do not relate to each other.

I personally haven’t added descriptions since every evidence I provided had a title on it, such as personal blogs, academic papers, public profiles and so on.


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Thank You @Herman_Komas for the valuable insight.

You made it very clear, not to combine two official letters, unless they are snippets that are related.

It was really Helpful,Thanks a lot.


@zaid Yes, that really helped, Thanks a lot