Continuous Learning


Instead of Coursera or Udemy certificates (which are not too difficult to earn), if I place actual global certifications like AWS, PMI-Agile as evidence, will that count?


Of course it does! But that doesn’t mean Udemy certificates do not count. And continuous learning is just not about certificates only. You can also show a piece of code, diagram or any such thing which is from new emerging technology which you have mastered recently.

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I completely agree with @Mukesh_Adhvaryu and would like to add that even AWS or PMI-Agile certificates will bring the most benefit to your application if you will explain how you use these skills in your professional expertise? Do you have any case studies on how your knowledge, obtained and certified, have helped to bring more value to your customers?
You can explain it in a simple cover letter if you do not have official docs to attach (either you are not allowed to demonstrate numbers because of NDA).

Two years ago I got a mail from one of the applicants who asked about Google Analytics Certification and here I put all my thoughts about the importance of score, time of issue & practical aspect.

Andrii Seleznov