CV of referrals


I had read earlier we need to provide a copy of the CV of the person who is providing us the referral. Is this still required? I see in the referral letter section I have no option of uploading the CV and only one document. Do I upload the cv in the evidence section?

Please advise


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You can download the Linkedin profile of the referral and attach with the recommendation letter
that what I did for my three recommendation letters

ibrahim yooseff

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Thanks Ibrahim this helps

Hi @Ibrahim_Yooseff, does that mean your upload was over 2 pages then? 2 pages for the letter, and however many for the CV/bio?

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Good morning,
@komalt, yes, CV / bio is still required and you can read this post with the details on the topic.

In general, it is better NOT to upload the CV / bio as a part of your evidence. It will create a confusion and will not be beneficial for your application.

It must be included in the letter of recommendation.

Just add one more page to the letter, given to you (even if you have pdf, it is possible to enlarge it with the extra page).

Regarding @nicolefu’s question - three pages are your limit. Then CV/bio must be in one page.

Andrii Seleznov