CV requirement for Referee

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Two questions regarding the letter of recommendation:

  1. Is it enough to include the Referee’s LinkedIn profile in their letter of recommendation (in addition to their contact details - mobile, email etc)? Or is it a ‘must’ to supply their CV too?

  2. One of my referees is a CEO & MD of a well known company. He does not have linkedIn and it feels awkward to request his CV. Would it be enough to ensure that he includes a link to his profile on the Company website in his letter of recommendation?

Hey SJM,
I am quoting official TechNation guide -

include details of the author’s credentials (for example, a curriculum vitae)

Which means you need to add the author’s credentials which establish that the author is a well-known person and his achievements will supplement that claim, so a CV is just a means. You can also create your own list which shows all his achievements and standing in the market. Usually, a LinkedIn CV is just the easiest thing you can do.
In one case, I am being recommended by a known angel investor who just stepped down as CEO from an international company. So I am adding a document I created with pointers from his Linkedin and his Ted talks, his Crunchbase profile summary et al.

Hi @SJM,
I have a separate article about this topic:

CV of referee in Letter of Recommendation

Additionally, I must say that in my case, one of the referees did not have a Linkedin. Hence, I went to her organisation’s website, find my referee in a team and printed a bio from the page. Also, I noted a link to this resource.

Andrii Seleznov

Would the “details of the author’s credentials” be part of the two-page limit?

The current guidance says:

The letters should be written on an officially headed document (wherever possible), be dated and include:
– details of the author’s credentials (for example, a CV/resume). Tech Nation reserves the right to refuse your application or request more information, which could significantly delay your application, if evidence is not provided that the author is a credible referee

Letters of recommendation must be written specifically for this purpose by the referee and include all of the information detailed above (and be of no more than two A4 sides in length). General purpose reference letters, or confirmation letters (such as being accepted onto an accelerator) are not acceptable. Letters from individuals within service-based organisations (i.e. consultants, agencies, outsourcers, service/process delivery) are generally not considered appropriate.

Hi @nicolefu,

It will be acceptable if the letter will have two pages and the CV/bio will have one more page. In total, you will have three pages which are an absolute maximum for this type of documents.

Also, please, read “CV of Referee in Letter of Recommendation” for further reference.

Andrii Seleznov

Thanks Andrii! I had seen your article and have also commented there. I hadn’t seen any mention of 3 anywhere, but just noticed that the official documentation was updated today with:

  • Added bullet to stipulate that Letters of Recommendation should be a maximum of three pages of A4 (excluding credentials of the author)
  • Increased evidential page limit to three pages of A4 (this applies to the ten pieces of evidence provided by the applicant and aligns with the applicant’s CV and Letters of Recommendation which also now have a three page limit)
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@Andrii_Seleznov @inboxdarpan @nicolefu in my Letters of Recommendations, the authors started with 3-4 line paragraph speaking about themselves and a link to their Linkedin profile. Is it sufficient as a credential?

Yes, that will work.