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Can you please help me with these two questions

  1. Can I show 2 separate single-paged - A4 letters as ONE evidence? If yes, should these documents be related to the same criteria?
  2. Is there a word limit for a support letter (not recommendation letter) or any guidance on the font size etc?


  1. You can post two different single paged letters as long as they are related to same evidence. For example, there are these two learning certificates that are related and adding them together shows a coherent story about your continuous learning.
    Think in terms of the reviewer; you can’t add two different letters as one evidence if they are not forming a story.
  2. It should not go over two A4 paper sides, which usually fills close to 1000 words. Though there is no word limit as long as it is two papers. And there is no guidance on font size. You can read about font size used in formal documents. (I am using 11 mostly)

Hi @HNC,

  1. I think it will be fine to have two docs as proof of the same criteria. The main point - they should not repeat the same facts with the same scope.

  2. There is no limit to these letters. This is my article about the topic. Font size - traditional between 11 and 14. No Comic Sans please :slight_smile:
    In my own case, I had two separate pages of Recommendation Letter plus an additional page of the CV.

Andrii Seleznov

Thank you very much Darpan for the reply.

Thank you Andrii for the reply.