Exceptional talent or exceptional promise

Since I am still working on my application, I have not started filling up the form to apply visa on TechNation.
I want to know, ‘do you have to choose whether you are applying for exceptional talent or exceptional promise route, or TechNation’s assessing team decides which path you should be endorsed for based on your profile?’

Although, Tech Nation team will decide the category - appropriate to your overall standing evident from your application, you must explicitly declare whether you are applying for ‘Talent’ or ‘Promise’.



I read this article

and support it with this other

from @Andrii_Seleznov

Hope can help you :slightly_smiling_face:


@pedrovegagt @Mukesh_Adhvaryu Your comments make sense. I was confused because I have 9 years of experience, out of which I have been involved in start-ups of all sizes (including my own funded startup to a unicorn).
I think it is up to me to take the call. After re-reading the criteria again (and again), I think it would make sense to apply for exceptional talent in my case.
Please share your thoughts on it.

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Answering my own question as well to summarise what I learned so far -

  1. Home office visa application form will ask you explicitly which category you are applying for.
  2. Candidates with up to 5 years of experience apply for exceptional promise category unless they have a reason to do so (ie they have more than 5 years of work experience but their exposure to digital tech is less than 5 years, or their work has not reached levels equal to of a leader, but shows promise)
  3. If you apply for a category and TN thinks you should be assessed for another category unless a reason given by you, they will change the category you will be assessed against.

You explanation below is correct. To add to this question >> If you have more than 5 years experience + have strong startup experience + proven expertise (e.g. have had an exit or raised funding and/or other factors that qualify as proven expertise) then Exceptional Talent will be better suited. And as rightly pointed, if TechNation feel they will revise either ways. They may consider someone Exceptional Talent even if you apply for Exceptional Promise.

Thanks for chipping in Anurag. I have led an AI based innovative start-up as CTO, but I was not a co-founder so I don’t have any documents related to funding and revenues. But there are news clippings and articles that quote that the company was selected in prestigious accelerator (Reliance’s GenNext accelerator).
Plus I have designed and made products from scratch for multiple known start-ups in India and US (I have letters from their founders)
Plus I have mentored and worked with multiple start-ups on their technical direction and helped them out pro-bono. And spoken at a prestigious institute addressing their faculty.

Do you think it will be strong enough case for exceptional talent?

Good morning,

Even if you were not a co-founder of the startup, you have a chance to use this experience for your benefit in a visa application.

You may ask a founder of that AI-based innovative startup to provide you with a letter of support (the structure will be pretty much the same as for letter of recommendation). Particularly, (s)he can mention what positive impact you’ve made on the startup even not being its co-founder.

Additionally, you can ask about the same letters from the largest of the startups, which benefited from your work and the Institute as well.

In my opinion, this is quite a strong profile for Exceptional Talent but the outcome depends also on how clear you will write your personal statement and who will give you letters of recommendations.

Anyway, if you are not correct in self-assessment as a Talent, the panel can always recognise you as a Promise :ok_hand:

PS: thank you, @pedrovegagt, for sharing links.

Andrii Seleznov


As stated by Andrii, I would imagine it to be a good fit for Exceptional Talent. Letters from CXOs highlighting impact are important.

Sadly I am not at good terms with those founders, was the reason why I left the start-up in first place. I think I can prepare a detailed document about my inputs, architecture diagrams and news clippings about it’s possible impact.

Do you think that would work?

As long as it proves your involvement beyond reasonable doubt, why not? So the question here you should ask and answer yourself: is it sufficient enough to render a clear picture of your accomplishment and answer is yes then go ahead otherwise, find something else which does so.

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Fair point Mukesh. I thought about it and I think I can put a good picture of my contributions. Thanks for the hint. :slight_smile:

Hi @inboxdarpan,

I think it is one of the options how you can prove your contribution. So write from your own point of view. Additionally, you can attach some financial proof to show-off your salary. Altogether, it may create better picture of your involvement.

Andrii Seleznov

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Hi Mukesh, can we apply Tier 1 Exceptional Promise Visa on our own or is it good go with any consultancy?

I applied by myself. Though difficult, it is perfectly doable.

How do i know the procedure and where i can get to know the information for submitting required list of documents?
Can Directors,vice president,scrum master,technical lead recommendations works?

Hi Andrii,

what is the eligibility criteria for the exceptional promise? and i heard from next year it is going to be points based system for endorsing the candidates, is this true?

@Pranay_Rao To answer few of your questions - I recently applied all by myself. I came to know about consultancies, but I trusted my own work more than giving the control to some consultancy. (And I received the endorsement). It takes some hard work and research, which is worth its while.
About question around procedures and eligibility criteria, I would strongly suggest you read the Official guide thoroughly (I read it 4-5 times during my application) and also read through @Andrii_Seleznov 's blog (https://talentvisahelp.com/

This way many of your questions will be answered automatically.