Global talent Visa


ANy idea, will this route get closed after Global talent visa replaces this route


It looks like Global Talent VISA is in fact expanding the limit of 2000 visas and also introducing new categories. This is what I read here… not sure how authentic it is, in the current scenario


The article you quoted is just one among several others. As a matter of fact nobody exactly knows the details except Home office. Home office will be likely to clarify this visa rules tomorrow and the visa rules will get enforced from 20 Feb 2020 (that’s what I heard. Again nothing confirmed). On the balance of propobalities, we all should get to know this visa tomorrow. Till then, there isnt any point in speculation.


Any ideas on this topic are just manipulations until February 20, 2020.
I believe the official docs have to be published at 2.02PM to follow the idea of twos and zeros :slight_smile:
Anyway, I also published the updates on this visa route in my blog so let’s keep calm and wait for the official introduction of new rules for the game.

Andrii Seleznov


Hi Andrii,

So it looks like the new system will be in place from 2021. For this year, the same process remains. Is my understanding right?


Pls go through Technation website and they have clarified all the FAQ’s.

As per new change, No impact to TechNation Visa.

FYI, Copied from TechNation website just for information*

## – Important update –

The official Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa route is being updated. Please note that the application process and eligibility criteria remain the same however, you should be aware of the following changes that are effective from 20th February 2020:

*** The visa name is being changed to Global Talent. Previously named Tier 1 Exceptional Talent.**
*** The annual limit for the visa route is being removed. Previously there was a 2000 annual limit on visas available.**
*** The visa will be granted for up to 5 years for applications made inside or outside the UK. Previously applications could be granted for up to 5 years and 4 months for applications made outside the UK.**
*** The visa route continues to be for ‘highly-skilled’ entrepreneurs and employees, it is not a general employment route.**

New Change is CV, we can submit now upto 3 A4 pages of CV