Group of 5 people need only 1 endorsement application or separate application for each person?

  1. We are from outside the UK and looking to add our value in UK economy by moving there on TIER-1 Exceptional Talent VISA. We have an old document It’s your Policy Guideline version 04/2017 Page 33 of 49. In this page, there is 3rd Clause which states that if we are an oversease team of up to 5 individuals and want to relocate our team to the United Kingdom then we may qualify for fast-tracking. So is it possible or not?

It’s possible but each individual has to apply and qualify on his own.


It means each individual have to apply for endorsement separately? and what if all 5 people are working on same project having mutual achievements then how can they mention or present as an evidence?


Hi Hassam, Thanks for your question. I have confirmed with my contact at Tech City that: The Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa requires separate endorsement for each individual, they cannot apply in a joint application. Previous versions of the guidance did have a fast-track option for team applications (circa 2017) but team routes have since been removed.