How can I contact tech nation?


I’m currently completing my application form for tech nation and I need to urgently contact them.

Do they have a phone number or is the only way to contact them via email?


Try to suggest how many dozens, hundreds and even thousands of people have questions to Tech Nation regarding their visa applications. And they live all over the world (which means they have different time zones).
This means that in a case of any phone number on their website, they will be attacked 24/7 with precise questions. Sometimes these questions need to share personal data - and this may be a tricky moment for them too (don’t believe that every employee at Tech Nation has access to visa applicants’ profiles, this is not true).
That’s why they have the only email.
I have contributed to this topic of contacting Tech Nation / Home Office in this post. Perhaps, it will be a point of your interest too.

Andrii Seleznov