How do I demonstrate mastery of new commercial or technical digital skills throughout my career?

I have the following as proofs and I don’t know if they will be sufficient or not. So, I am seeking your feedback.

  1. I have been mentoring people in a structured training program, I will get a certificate of mentoring.
  2. Invitation to be a speaker in a conference

Would they be sufficient proofs?

Oh definitely, make sure you structure your evidences in a way that it shows what commercial or digital skills you learned and how because of these skills you landed opportunities to mentor people in a structured way or were invited to speak at important conferences.

@mmelsabry the best way to judge a strength of an evidence as per my opinion is: one has to analyse the same again and again as if it was not theirs and someone else and they are in fact a neutral judge. If you do this excercise so much you shall be seeing all the productive and counter productive impacts of the evidence and accordingly you may decide to either keep that evidence or choose another over that.