How do I demonstrate that I have a proven track record or examples of innovation in the digital technology sector as an employee working in a new digital field or concept?

Basically I was working in one of the big UK fintech companies. I have innovated some solutions there, how can I prove that I have innovated something there?
The recommendation letter from my lead there will mention this but how can I prove it for this criteria.
The product that I have worked on is in the market and there are some articles written about it, Should I write a letter about what I did with some news from the media about the product, however, my name is not mentioned in any of them?
If you have a better way to prove it, please advise

@mmelsabry, although it is not appropriate to impart subjective advice without thorough analysis of any piece of evidence which we dont do here, on the outset, I would say, you will have have to figure out a way to link between you and that product and its making process in which you played innovative part. If I were you, my first approach would be to get the lead guy writing an impressive letter highlighting just that. There may be a better way than this, but that you will have to figure out by yourself.

Thanks for your advice, I got one of the leads to write about my achievements there and how it impacted the product, his letter is in the format of a recommendation letter.
Can I use that letter that I will use in Key Criteria 1 as a recommendation letter as well?

Hi @mmelsabry,
Letter of Recommendation is a separate document from recommendation letter as evidence (in 10 supporting documents). Again, the explanation is here.

Also, you cannot use one letter for many purposes and cover two criteria.

Regarding evidence, I generated a list of 45 ideas of supporting documents, so you can read it for inspiration. You can definitely make a cover letter and explain all details about your product. Screenshots of the news are also good evidence.

Andrii Seleznov