How old should be the recommendation letters

I have two queries:

  1. Is it essential to have three letters from three different organisation
  2. How old can be the recommendation letter, if I get the letter now and decide to apply for T1 by mid of the year, would that work?


Thanks for your questions.

  1. Yes, you must have exactly three letters.
  2. Up to 12 months old. In other case you must explain why you have applied such an old document.

Andrii Seleznov

Thanks for the reply.

additional queries

  1. can I have two letters from my current organisation and the third one from a client I worked for?
  2. do it needs to be on a letter head or an email is fine?
  3. Does the person recommending needs to be working in the same company still?

Hi, you ask frequently asked questions so it will be extremely beneficial for you to browse either this Forum or my post with a full Guide about Letter of Recommendaitons and you will find answers.
However, today is a very good day so I will briefly answer them:

  1. No, you cannot have two Letters from the people who work in the same organisation. A letter from Client is fine.
  2. It can be not on letterhead (plain paper is allowed in some cases) but it has to be signed. So email is not a great deal for this.
  3. No, (s)he doesn’t.

Andrii Seleznov

can the reference letters be digitally signed rather then actual signature?

Yes it’s perfectly alright.

thanks Mukesh much appreciated.