ILR / Settelment - expert field

Can you please clarify, I am endorsed by TechNation in FinTech. My understanding is I can work in AI or any digital technology filed without impacting ILR or settlement right regarding my expert filed.

I am asking because one of the conditions for applying for settlement is - “must have earned money in the UK during their last grant of leave. These earnings must be linked to the expert field which led to their initial endorsement” I just want clarification on the definition of the expert field – is it digital technology or sub-sectors like FinTech and e-commerce?

Thanking you

Hi @HNC,

You can freely work in any of the fields of Digital Technologies.
Doesn’t matter - fintech or any other area of digital technology.

When you will apply for ILR, your application will not be assessed by tech experts but a people with deep knowledge in immigration and public law.

Hence, the main point is to get your earnings when working on position, directly related to digital technologies.

I mean if you are endorsed as a software developer and then you decided to become UX designer - it is still fine.

By the way, your question is so unique that I even don’t have a relevant blog post to refer you. But now I definitely must write it, thanks for the idea :star_struck:

Andrii Seleznov

Thank you Andrii_Seleznov. I tried to search for such questions but didn’t find any :-). Good to know you will write a blog on it. Thanks.

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