Letter from an industry expert

In order to cover the qualification criteria number 2 " How do I demonstrate that I have been recognized as a leading talent in the digital technology sector?

I will ask a leading expert in the industry (VP for one of UK startups) who is aware of what I achieved to write me a letter. How should the letter look like? should it be like a recommendation letter?

A person of that status should be qualified to write a recommendation letter for you. (Usually get it from a person who himself has a standing in market, or some credentials that prove that he is a known entity in digital sector)

About recommendation letter - in Document checklist from the official guide, it lists everything that a recommendation letter should contain. The format of the document will be something similar to a recommendation letter (like we get for MBA applications, but this one needs to address Technation specifically) that talks about your achievements and strengthens your claim of being a leading talent.

@Andrii_Seleznov has written a few blog posts on this topic, which you will find very helpful.

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Thank you, @inboxdarpan :star_struck:

Yes, regarding recommendation letter I wrote this post.
In general, it has to be like a letter of recommendation, you are completely right. Hence, this blog post may be also relevant to read.

Hopefully, it will help you.

Andrii Seleznov