Letter of Recommendation - Not on headed-paper

Hi There,
If letter of recommendation is not written on headed letter, then how should be get them?

  1. By asking the designated referee to send the content of letter through their professional e-mail id?
  2. By printing out the letter on A4 paper and getting their signature on with credentials.

Which is the most recommended ways out of above 2, if letter is not on letter-head. Or any other another way please ?

Thank You!!

Hi Charlie,

I am not sure that I understand your question. Can you please point where in requirements this is?

Usually you would have a two page letter with a header (contains address and contact details) and signature of the person on the bottom.

If the person is not in the same location as you are, you can ask them to print the letter -> sign it -> and send you over a scan that you would then upload to Tech Nation Application system.

Please let me know if that helps?!


Hi Charlie,

Its always recommended to get the letter on Company’s letter head but if its not then also it is fine. I have noticed big banks don’t allow their employees to use their letter and sign for such reasons. So not a big issue

Hi @Charlie,

As @herman & @Jaz correctly mentioned you are allowed to have a letter of recommendation (as well as supporting letter) on a blank paper.

I can say even more - two letters of recommendation on blank paper will be still fine. But do as much as you can to get at least one letter on headed paper.

It will improve the overall value of your application.

Andrii Seleznov