Linking of Evidence to criteria (Tech Nation)

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How do we link evidence to criteria if an evidence can potentially go into 2 different criteria ?

For example:

  1. Internal Company awards - This is mentioned in examples under QC3 (Continuous learning) - Instead can it be shown as a recognition of “significant commercial contribution” and therefore shown under QC1?
  2. Start-up pre-accelerator as a course in a university - If you have tested a start-up idea on a course in a university, and are now planning to start it in the future (with evidence showing progress) - should it come under QC1 or QC3 (continuous learning)?
  3. International Reputation Conferences (>2 days) attended - If you attend as an employee of a digital company (as a representative) - should it be shown as QC1 or can you show that you attended to maintain up to date knowledge of the sector trends - QC3? Can conference evidence be shown by entry badge?
  4. Transcript - As a business applicant, can I show exceptional performance evidenced by a masters business degree transcript, (though a bit dated from 12 years ago), but from a world class University in QC3 (continuous learning) and supported by a second Masters business degree from last year?

I am planning to apply soon, so your advise would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Answering your questions 1 to 3, I would say it is not uncommon to find a single piece of evidence fulfilling more than one criteria. And in this situation, one needs very subjective decision on which criteria it should honour. However, you may think the design of these criteria as zigsaw puzzle, you find and arrange pieces in appropriate order and in result you get a complete picture. Judgement on one’s application is always taken by taking all evidence in totality although nature of evidence suggests individuality. I always mention pulp fiction the movie where the story starts from the end, jumps back and forth into so many branches but at the end, all dots are connected and clear picture emerges as to what finally has happened from where it started.
You are the one to tell your pulp fiction story here.
As for the 4th question, last time I checked, last 1 year is the limit of dated certificate to be reckoned in continuous learning.

Thanks Mukesh. Very helpful perspective. Cheers

Hi @Deepak,

Thanks @Mukesh_Adhvaryu for this:

Amazing quote :slight_smile:

I completely agree with you and want to add just one bit to your answer about question 4.
Your education must be highlighted in your CV with all achievements briefly. If you will attach this script, it will not harm your visa application but it will not add valuable points as well.
I had a question from one past student, very similar to your question no.4. Perhaps, it will be relevant for you to read.

Andrii Seleznov

PS: @Deepak, in this forum you can find answers not only from ambassadors, but also from ordinary Talent Visa recipients like me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Andrii_Seleznov
Thank you so much for your revert and support.
I read the linked blog (and other blogs on your forum) and in general must appreciate the spectrum of topics covered. Very informative. Thank you for taking the time.
And yes, apologies for referring to only TN ambassadors. You have been super supportive in all my questions (though don’t agree you are ordinary, definitely exceptional :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: )

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