Nation Insurance and Stage 2 application



I had Tier 2 visa 2 years ago and Nation Insurance number.

Could you please advise:

  1. If I still have Nation Insurance number or it was canceled when my Tier2 visa was canceled?
  2. If I need to provide Nation Insurance number I had to Stage 2 application?

Hi Mikhail,

  1. Change of your Employer does not cancel your National Insurance Number. It still must be in the system. And you can reference to your “old” NIN since it is not old at all - it is current :).
    However, if you want to be self-employed (since our visa allows this option) - it is required to let the HMRC know about this.
  2. It may be required now. But the field must be optional.
    NIN is a characteristic of people who are physically located in the UK. However, a significant number of applicants are outside the United Kingdom.

Additionally, please, read an answer to a very similar question that I got two years ago about NIN.

Andrii Seleznov