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I read from the Tech Nation document that the evidence unto 10 document, is it alright if I submit 5 or 6 evidences? Is there any minimum criteria?



Hi Smita, Thank you for your question. There is not a minimum but when I’ve received this question before I advise candidates to build the strongest case possible as to why they deserve this visa. Thus I’d recommend you max out your evidence and prioritize the strongest evidence to increase your chances. I’m seeing candidates get rejected because of ‘insufficient evidence’ in their decision letters. Good luck!


Thanks for the answer!
I gave started filling up Tech Nation application form and it asks for Application reference number and payment reference number, I could find only payment reference number from the website. Where can I find application reference number?

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Hi Smita, I’ve confirmed with tech city that when you register your application, you are automatically emailed this registration number. You may want to check your spam box. Cheers! Susan

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If you believe that your documents, though small in quantity but good enough in quality then sure go ahead. But to be on a safer side, as others opined, I would go for a maximum. Why to take chances?


Hi Smita,
The minimum number is 1, the maximum number is 10.
In general cases, if you will apply just one or two pieces of evidence, even for Exceptional Promise route - it will look weird since it is not enough to demonstrate your potential and skillset.

I got similar question a couple of months ago and made a short blog contribution about this point:

Hopefully, it will help.

Andrii Seleznov