Privacy of documents submitted


Hi all,

Due to the nature of my work some evidence submitted may be sensitive and confidential, including correspondence with senior leaders in my company.

Do you know how TechNation treats confidentiality of documents submitted?



Hi Naz,
Thank you for your question.
I believe many applicants have the same thoughts but do not have the bravery to ask :slight_smile:
I do not have any direct link to Tech Nation and I am not a Tech Nation Ambassador but due to my experience and long term relationship with the Alumni network of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Holders I can confirm that as of now there is no case of information leak or public access to confidential documents as a result of negligence or any other actions by Tech Nation. Your information, sent to them, is safe.
Hence, you can trust this organisation since, actually, you send the docs not to them but to Home Office and then forward your application to Tech Nation.
I got a very close question about bias in reviewing of visa applications but again - as of now there is a high professional level of all the people involved in the assessment of visa applications and their reviews.

If you have any other questions - let’s continue here or send them to me directly.

Thank you.

Andrii Seleznov


Hello Naz,

You can find detailed Tech Nation privacy policy here

Tech Nation treats all application data confidentially and it is stored on our secure online platform. Whilst it is shared with external assessors for the purposes of assessment, this work is all undertaken within the platform itself and is therefore secure. Our assessors are contracted and their terms enforce this confidentiality.

We may also share any information with the Home Office at their request.
It should be noted that we cannot sign non-disclosure agreements and it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they are sharing information which they have the right to do so. Applicants are responsible for deciding the information they provide.