Qualifying Criteria 1


As a business applicant for TechNation,

  1. What are the evidences i can gather for qualifying criteria one? what would you suggest ?

  2. What would you suggest for other areas such as Key criteria 1 and Qualifying criteria 3?

  3. What routes will be good for a financial analyst for a tech company to go for Technation ?

  4. I have applied once and i didn’t get endorsed, i met two criteria (KC1 & QC3, but didn’t get QC2). The feedback says that my QC2 evidences were focused on the startup i worked for rather than myself and that “Only very recently joined full time it is hard to show how he has potential for leading talent based on this evidence.” What are the next steps that i should take ?

@Ahmed_Olumide, your 4th point pretty much sums up a definite solution towards successful endorsement. You now need spend considerable time in full time with impressive work performance and then find the suitable way to prove yourself leading talent through that. Assuming that your precious qualifications of other criteria still remain relative and acceptable.