Question on Letter of Recommendation


Hi All,

I am particularly looking to answer 3 questions in LOR format published by Tech Nation but relevant to have. Any inputs on the below 3 questions would be helpful for me.

  1. How would the applicant benefit from living in the United Kingdom ?
  2. What contribution would the applicant make to the UK digital technology sector ?
  3. Do you believe this applicant will have a positive impact to the UK digital economy? If so, please state full details as to why ?

Thanks in Advance,

Hari Mindi


Hi Hari,
As I understand, you are looking for samples of answers to these questions of Letter of Recommendation but if you will google this topic you will see the current situation.
Briefly, there is no open access available examples for the document you are looking and the reason is clear. Every case is too unique. It is impossible to answer the same to question how you will benefit from living in the UK and a lady who lives next door.

You may ask about the examples of the docs (any volunteers?) but it is impossible to write general phrases on these questions. Otherwise, your letter of recommendation will be too generic and you may get non-Endorsement. By the way, this is one of the real reasons (here is my post).

Andrii Seleznov


Hi Andrii,

Thank you for your reply. Actually i am not looking for the phrases instead trying to really understand the context of those questions. For example: I have something written for the 1st and 2nd questions but did not get the 3rd one. That is because pretty much an answer to the 2nd one answers the 3rd as well. That is where i am trying to understand.

Hari Mindi


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Hi Hari,
Thanks for your thoughts.

I agree with you completely - questions 2 and 3 are similar. But remember that you do not need to write a long poem about your contribution.
For the question 2 you can clarify WHAT contribution you will made and in the question 3 you must write WHY this contribution will be positive change for the whole digital ecosystem of the UK.

Does it make sense?

Andrii Seleznov