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I have a query regarding recommendation letters. How important it is to have these letters on letterhead? I am asking this questions because my employer is public limited company and as per HR policy, it is difficult to provide some of the information on company letterhead. But my business leader is ready to sign it on plain paper.

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Well it enhances standing of reccomendation letter on credibility spectrum if it’s on headed paper, if that’s not possible, then, the letter must include all the contact details of the person including his/her role in the organisation. Please note that it is very vital that technation experts are fully convinced about the credibility and standing of the writer as well.


When I applied for this visa in 2016, I asked the same question directly at Tech Nation.
And even then, on such an early stage of this visa route existence, the reply was pretty similar to the answer, that you got from @Mukesh_Adhvaryu.
The situation is clear, and logic is straightforward.
When we think about companies, for example, GAFA or The Big Four, it is not a good idea when even a high-level manager uses the corporate brand to promote someone who is not working in the company with thousands of employees.
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I hope these thoughts were useful for you and if you still have unclear moments - let me know, I can share my experience with you.

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