Recommendation letter Query


I have a question regarding recommendation letter

  1. A previous manager moved from a tech company to a telecom company. Would this be considered as a leader in a digital tech industry?

  2. If I cannot get the letter on the company letter head is it ok to have it on a blank sheet of paper? And will it be accepted? I will provide the referrers linkedin url for credential purposes

Please advise thanks

Which industry that person belongs to doesn’t signify his standing in the digital tech industry. Their standing in the market is signified by his contributions to the industry ie if he created or helped create or took a digital tech business forward or is a significant voice in the digital tech industry.
For example, Pejman Nozad was a rug dealer, but his contacts and say is so widely accepted in venture capital circle that despite being in the rug business, he is a leader in the digital tech industry.

I have answered your second question in your other question. Add a write up mentioning his accolades which can convince someone that they are someone whose referral will hold a great value rather than just the Linkedin url

Thanks for that. So I get that the referees credential is what is more important. Is it ok if that referee is not a global person but has a standing in the Asia Pacific Market for example? Or is it necessary for them to have a global recognition?

Short answer : it doesn’t matter if they are only known in a certain region.
Long: If the person is known in that region and there are significant evidences like press coverages, interviews in known publications, they will support their credibility. I think you can have a look at those supporting items you will furnish to establish them as a known figure in technology and can weigh whether this would be enough.