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Hello All,

I am planning to apply for Exceptional talent visa under digital technology. I followed up on the website and it states strictly 10 documents. With recommendation letters, patent documents and recent learning certificates along with resume I am finding it quite difficult to fit them in 10 documents.

Request you guys to please help on the documents list submitted which I can take as a reference.


It is 10 evidences + 3 letter of recommendations. I wrote a cover letter (which counted as an evidence, which told what each evidence meant, ie if I submitted a patent, I explained what it meant and how it fulfils any criteria)
Also, now each evidence can be 3 A4 sides of paper, so I think you can fit a patent document and a write up to suggest what it means.
And, for longer documents, @Andrii_Seleznov has wrote a blog post which suggests you can create a summary of evidences, ie take screenshots of relevant parts of those documents, stitch them together, as many people did that with their long employment agreements.

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