Requested Documents


After uploading the required documents to Tech Nation website, is there a need to send hardcopies of the documents? If yes, where do I send it to?


NO. Not required since all the soft copy is uploaded to technation.


Hi, Mukesh,
Lots of thanks for your prompt response.


Hi Sanya,
To be precise, this is a quotation of Home Office from their updated Guidelines:
“The documents above should be uploaded via the Tech Nation platform as part of your application process ( You do not need to send printed hard copies to Tech Nation or the Home Office. Your submitted documents should contain your supporting evidence; documents containing only links to online sources are not acceptable.”
It is a good practice of switching from a wholly paper-based business to completely e-service. When I applied for a couple of years ago, we were required to send paper copies. It was slightly painful (you know what I mean to prepare a bunch of originals, copies and translations for them :slight_smile: ).
And even recently, the practice has been slightly different from full e-mode of application. I wrote about it in answer to question no. 6 of this Blog post).
Hence, it is definitely, an excellent sign and progress of the whole Tech Nation Visa scheme.

Andrii Seleznov


Dear Andrii,
I want to sincerely thank you for your guide.
I have submitted 10 pages of documents although I would have loved to submit more but for the 10 pages limit.

Thanks a lot