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Thank you for this forum. I was wondering if it is possible for someone to review my body of work and write me a recommendation letter?

Sincere thanks.

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Thank you for note! Recommendation letters need to come from someone you know well enough to genuinely vouch for your abilities / experience / talent. You are required to submit their contact information. So they may be contacted by the visa application evaluators to give more information.

Also I don’t personally look over applications - the onus is on the applicant to curate their application. However happy to answer questions about the process and/or share my experience as a successful applicant. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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I know how it is painful to find two well-known high-profile people to sign Letters of Recommendation.
Personally, I spent over 6 months (!!!) in search of the right person.

And, actually, it is impossible to ask someone new about this “favour” - such letter will lack of details about you and will be too generic. Moreover, the person who agrees to sign such letter without even meeting you in person, make a great risk for own reputation.

A couple of years ago I wrote post about Letters of Recommendation and related questions - it may be helpful to you:

And check one more time your LinkedIn, your mates from the University or current / past jobs, etc. Try as hard as you can and you will find a signer for such letter.

Andrii Seleznov


Thank you Susan! I am on T1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa endorsed by Buckingham University for my startup that aims to provide a platfrom to creative artists, as UK will lose 33% workforce in creative industries after BREXIT. What I was lookinf for is an introduction to a couple of people who would be in a position to write me recommendation letters. Ofcourse I will present to them my entire body of work and acheivements so far and they could then decide if they can write a letter on my merit. But I’m looking to be introduced essentially. :slight_smile: Could you also please send me an invite on LinkedIn - Kiratsinh Jadeja

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Thank you Andrii, I actually did come across your website while doing some research. It was very helpful thank you! So I wonder how did you eventually find the right person?

I am only looking for an introduction - I could then present my work and it is upto their discretion if they could write me a letter at my merit. So essentially I am not looking for a favour, but more of an introduction. Because just like you, it is a tad difficult to find two well known people who are already leaders in the field.

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Hi Kiratsinh,

I would discourage visa candidates from seeking recommendations from people who do not know them or have only looked over their body of work. As I mentioned earlier the visa evaluators may contact the person to ask for additional details that the recommender would not be able to provide. I personally would not be comfortable recommending someone without a prior professional relationship that enabled me to observe the person professionally and have built enough trust in their abilities to vouch for them.

This is where entrepreneurial skills come in handy - creativity and resourcefulness to find ways to prove your skills and earn enough trust to gain a recommendation. If you feel you do not yet have strong enough recommenders, there are always opportunities to utilize your network to get involved in (even pro bono) projects to show your skills and after ask for recommendations.

Two thoughts that strike me after reading your reply - if you haven’t already, I would be shaking your university’s alumni tree to see if this could yield such an opportunity. Secondly, perhaps take one more look at your network. If you are a UK entrepreneur, you could likely have already built trust with some high value contacts that you may not have considered as recommenders or again this could be an opportunity to do a project for them to earn their trust and recommendation.

Good luck!

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Sincere thanks! I will definitely shake up my Uni’s alumni tree!


Thanks for your kind words regarding my blog.
Yes, I have found the right person and as Susan mentioned in her comments - I got it thanks to shaking my own Uni / other networks tree.
Please, understand my thoughts right - it is very difficult for anybody to make “introduction” of you to someone else in order to get Letter of Recommendation for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa.

For example, I consider myself on the place of the person, for whom I will make an introduction of you.

Yes, your portfolio can be impressive but this Letter of Recommendation has to be based on some real-life experience which is not caused by your need to have a Letter of Recommendation.

That is why - again, University or any other long-term work (or even short-term but intensive collaboration) will work for this purpose. Hence, think about people from these places.

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Hello Andril,

One quick question I have completed my stage 1 applying Tier 1 application Home office and paid the application fees 456 Pounds
now currently I am applying for endorsement TechNation (still pending)

from my first application there are two prints. In one print it mentions about documents needs to be forwarded I know few relevant documents needs to be uploaded to Technation website
So what confusing me is sending documents …when should I send this documents? after completion of Technation application…what are the documents home office required
Your assistance is highly appreciated

Below messages from the Print document and email from UK Visa Immigration Home Office

“You must send your document checklist and supporting documents to the address on the checklist.”

For this application copies of documents are acceptable.
If you do not provide all mandatory information your application may be rejected. Your application will not be
considered and an administration fee for each person included in the application, will be deducted from your refund. You have agreed to include the following documents in your application. Please tick the box beside each document to confirm that you are enclosing it: Other documents
Tech Nation related evidence is no longer required to be sent to the Home Office. You should complete
the application on the Tech Nation website and upload the requested information.
If you do not provide any of these documents, we may not be able to make a decision on your application. Please
note that we may occasionally ask you to provide other documents in addition to those listed.
What happens next
You have chosen the Standard Service. You should send your documents within 15 working days so that we can
make a decision within 8 weeks. If you do not send your documents within 15 working days your application may
be rejected.
Send this checklist and your documents to:
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Endorsement
SRS (Foundry House)


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Hi Ibrahim,
I left you a reply here so please, reply back to me with your information.

Andrii Seleznov


Thank you Andril. Got your message appreciate it