Sr Front End Developer - Am i eligible?


I have 14yrs of Experience as Front end developer and 8 years in USA (H1 B). Will i be eligible to apply for Tier 1 Exceptional talent visa scheme?


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Hello Aparna,

Thank you for your interest in Global Talent Visa and reaching out to us.

The best way to decide whether you eligible and should you apply for Talent or Promise route is to list all of your accomplishments agains Talent and Promise criterias (excel file?! ) and see where is your strongest chance. My advice is to keep it simple, see whether you able to satisfy 1 main and 2 additional criteria from one route or another. The only way to find out whether you are right or not is to apply and get feedback from Tech Nation.


Thanks for the reply.

TechNation have also re-introduced the Eligibility Checker - might help to take this quiz as well - but this is just high level indication -

As Herman suggested one has to list and check against each category criteria if you would qualify.

Hi @Aparna_Moorthi,
Just to continue the discussion - I believe this post will be genuinely relevant for you:

Exceptional Promise with 10+ years of tech

Andrii Seleznov