Stage 1 application


I am a Motion graphic designer and 3d journalist.

Can I apply via Tech Nation?

Also I am running my own Media Solution Business company.

Thanks in advance


Good evening,
On page 8 of Tech Nation Guidelines, we can see the examples of different roles, who are eligible to get this visa. The closest one to your occupation is “Experienced UX/UI designers” but since you are motion designer - it, probably, lacks digital element… or not? The same situation with “3D Journalist”.

The main point of your application depends on how you can approve your work in Digital Technology.

I know one recipient of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa in the Arts who is doing arts using video console. But it is still arts, however, she works all day sitting in front of the computer. It was easier for her to find Letters of Recommendations from people in the Arts but not in Digital Technologies.

Hence, you must think not only about the pure classification of your job but how you will prove your current occupation.

Again - regarding your company, Media Solution Business may focus on the off-line or on-line activity. Everything depends on what proofs of your digital business & experience you will get for supporting documents.

So if you are a digitally-enabled person, driving your company in the same way and working as a motion designer / 3D journalist who is obsessed with digital - you can apply to Digital Technologies. But if it mainly works with classical ideas of motion design and reporting about 3D - it is better to apply to The Arts, I think.

Andrii Seleznov

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