Stage 2 documents to provide

In Stage 2 of the application, do you need to provide criminal record certificates.
On the gov website for ‘documents to provide’ for the global talent visa, it doesn’t mention this - but I know it is required for other types of visas such as Tier 2 General. With Covid-19, it isn’t too easy to secure those right now.

Hi @JohnS,

There is no legal requirement to provide any documents like criminal records (or bank statement, which is also frequently asked about) on Stage 2.

Honestly, I attached the bank statement - just FYI of Home Office. However, again: it does not influence anything. Talents can be poor :slight_smile:

And also, to make that statement was not difficult for me. I pressed the button in my online banking.

However, for criminal records, it will be a waste of time and efforts, particularly now.

I wrote about the required list of documents for Visa Stage.

Andrii Seleznov

@JohnS it is irrelevant what are the requirements of tier 2 or 5 or whatever, for tier 1 global talent, you only have to follow what is required for visa. I am sure the guidance does not mention criminal certificate so why bother? It also does not mention bank statements so again why bother?
Volunteering an information is not a good practice unless it is of material fact relevant to the current application. If it is then withholding it would be deemed as concealment of material fact which amounts to deception. So…
Dont bother about anything not mentioned in the guidance unless you have to.