Stage 2 - via mail or online?


I read that the Stage 2 decision takes about three weeks, but I wasn’t sure if the application was made digitally (sending copies of passport etc via the internet) or in hard form (sending physical copies in the mail)?

I ask only because I am not sure how long to book my flight to my home country for, when making the Stage 2 application. The application might take three or so weeks, but does it take additional time to receive your documents back?

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Stage 2 as far as I know, requires to book appointment and create application online. I guess online document uploading wasn’t there till end of February this year. I am not sure about now. However, at the application centre they will scan your docs and return original except passport. The best way to find out is to create online application login and follow the instructions as you reach the last step, things will become clearer. Then decide, whether to submit application there and then or not according to your circumstances.


Thank you! That is very helpful! I started to do the form, but then it asked me to confirm if I had paid the fee yet and I haven’t since - according to what I read - you must submit your application within 10 days of paying the fee.
Thank you for the input!


For stage 2 it’s more like a month but you can apply premium or super premium way it will drastically reduce your processing time. For stage 2 it’s possible. However, you will have to check with your country’s Visa processing centre about what processing options they offer.


can you help with one question
For stage 1 I have applied Tier 1 application Home office and paid the application fees 456 Pounds
now currently I am applying for endorsement TechNation (still pending)

from my first application, there are two prints. In one print it mentions about documents needs to be forwarded I know few relevant documents needs to be uploaded to Technation website
So what confusing me is sending documents …when should I send these documents? after completion of Technation application…what are the documents home office required
Your assistance is highly appreciated

Below messages from the Print document and email from UK Visa Immigration Home Office

“You must send your document checklist and supporting documents to the address on the checklist.”

For this application copies of documents are acceptable.
If you do not provide all mandatory information your application may be rejected. Your application will not be
considered and an administration fee for each person included in the application, will be deducted from your refund. You have agreed to include the following documents in your application. Please tick the box beside each document to confirm that you are enclosing it: Other documents
Tech Nation related evidence is no longer required to be sent to the Home Office. You should complete
the application on the Tech Nation website and upload the requested information.
If you do not provide any of these documents, we may not be able to make a decision on your application. Please
note that we may occasionally ask you to provide other documents in addition to those listed.
What happens next
You have chosen the Standard Service. You should send your documents within 15 working days so that we can
make a decision within 8 weeks. If you do not send your documents within 15 working days your application may
be rejected.
Send this checklist and your documents to:
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Endorsement
SRS (Foundry House)


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Hi Ibrahim,

Thank you for your question! I have spoken with my contact at Tech City and confirmed the answer is - stage 1 evidence documents do not need to be posted, they only need to be provided via the Tech nation platform. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Good luck!



Hi Susan,

Thanks for your response …much appreciated