Support document volunteered in start up

Hi can i show a recommendation letter from a startup for which i have volunteered as proof of Proof of recognition for work outside your immediate occupation ??

Yes, this is exactly the kind of evidence they need for that category. Make sure you explain well what exactly were your contributions and how they helped these start-ups in a significant ways.

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thanks a lot @inboxdarpan

I have worked for a startup in the beginning, it’s not a volunteering,can they accept it,or can i put it as i volunteered?

@Pranay_Rao If what you done there added significant value to that start-up’s product then yes, you can show that as Qualifying criteria 1.

@inboxdarpan but how to show them the evidence of my work, i can’t show them the private git repository links of that company, can you please suggest me on this

Official guide mentions that you can include architecture diagrams and other relevant materials. Or if the product was covered by media, or easiest - get a letter from a higher-up executive in that start-up who can vouch that you have done the work you want to showcase.