Supporting evidence - can be general perpose right?

For evidence in relation to the Eligibility Criteria - letter from association/body or otherwise can be general purpose letters. (ie. Need not specifically be for this purpose or need not be addressed to Tech Nation, right?) Please confirm if that is acceptable. Am I correct?

Hi @HNC,

It is definitely not the strongest evidence :thinking:
But it is still fine to attach it.

Do not put a high priority on it and attach it just if you still have spaces within your 10 supporting documents.

At the same time, each of your letters must be as specific as possible and must be given to you because of your application.

Read this for inspiration :ok_hand:

Andrii Seleznov

Thank you Andrii… However, its difficult to get few letters addressed to tech nation from assocations and societies. So i asked.

Yes, @HNC.

I know how it is extremely difficult. I was collecting documents for my visa application for nine months (!!!).

And I clearly remember that one of the letter was generally purposed (not for Tech Nation).

If you have any other questions - let me know either here, or via FB messenger in the right sidebar of my site. I have just added it to simplify (and speed up :arrow_up:) my communication with applicants.

Andrii Seleznov

Based on my learnings I can say that recommendations have to be addressed to technation. Any evidence for example if you want to show you have done something out of your day-to-day job by joining an association which itself demonstrates that you fulfilled that criteria, then you can go ahead with the document.
(I taught faculty members of a university as a out of work contribution, so their appreciation letter worked, even if it was not directed to TechNation)

Here is my take:

  1. Reccomendation letters must be tech nation specific.
  2. Other documents, if you are gathering them at the time of application, you should try your level best to make it tech nation specific.
  3. There are some which you have already got dated in past, for those, general principle is to weigh the quality of their content against the time lapsed. For example certification document few years old and technology evolved significantly from that skill. I have some document related to fox pro, which is 15 years old. I wouldn’t dare to submit it.
  4. Some documents are for eternity and immensely valuable and generic. For example I had National award in 2014 and I built my application using it as core evidence.
    So in short, devil lies in details.

Thank you Andrii for your reply and the offer.

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Thank you Darpan for the clarification. Apprecaite your help.

Thank you Mukesh for the Clarification. Appreicate your help.