Tech Nation Visa Requirements and Selection Probability


Dear All,

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I am Vijay Krishna from India, Software Engineer(IOT) with 3 years of total work experience focused on projects in Airport Automation - Self Bag Drop & Automated Boarding Gate,Industrial Automation and Cybersecured Industrial IOT System design and architecture.

Requesting your support on the below queries on Tech Nation Work Visa please:

  1. May I know what is the probability/chances of getting accepted by the decision makers with respect to my profile.

  2. Desired skill/competency required to get selected.

  3. Is it mandatory to showcase our technical capability by demonstrating.

Kind regards,
Vijay Krishna BEng MIET(UK)


Hi Vijay,
Welcome to our community.
Let’s consider your questions one-by-one:

  1. The chances are traditionally fifty-fifty. I mean you will either get Endorsement or not get it. And it is impossible to predict acceptance of your profile knowing only information about you. Every piece of document in your visa application may be decisive. Yes, the most important is your Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation, supporting docs and CV. But all of them create the general picture, you cannot take one pixel and predict the whole situation.

  2. Desired skill and competency is a gifted skill & deep knowledge in your expert area. And also - the ability to influence tech ecosystem with this competency. I mean you can be a talented person and drink beer in your room silently or you can organise a meetup of your co-thinkers and share knowledge, experience and fun together. Or you can go to the local Uni and ask them to teach a course for students. Or you are vlogging and sharing your talent with thousands of followers… I can generate examples without limits.

  3. It is mandatory to proof your talents and it has to be documented. You have to apply 10 supporting documents to support your Personal Statement, CV and Letters of Recommendation with real facts of your outstanding professional skills. But if you mean a real demonstration of your technologies - it is allowed to share a link with a video about your technical capabilities and it will be fine.

Finally, you can read this blog post and it may help you to clarify this visa route and suggest an idea how to obtain it.
Or if you have any specific questions about Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa - write to me directly, I will try to help you.

Andrii Seleznov