Tier 1 ET applying as a Scrum Master


Does anyone know if Scrum Master is a suitable specialism that can be considered for an ET visa application?
And if it is, what section does it fall under? Technical Skills or Business Skills?

I’d really appreciate if someone could share his/her experience applying as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach.


Hi Yury,

thank you for your question.

While I am not a scrum master, I am pretty certain that you can go ahead with application as long as you can hit the criterias. While field of your occupation is important, it is more important for you to show how your presense in the UK will make an impact. Startup idea? community contribution? Have you done something for the community/open source in the past? do you have a business? have you been part of the business? - just keep asking yourslef this type of questions and you will get a the right content.


Hi Herman,

Thanks for your response.

Yes, I’ve got a startup idea, in fact, I’ve been accepted to Founders Factory’s Hatch forum, but my idea is still pending their revision. Another thing to mention is that I have an app prototype for my startup idea. This prototype’s been uploaded to GitHub a few years ago, and I’ve made no commits there since then (had no time, etc.). I guess, it could be one of the supporting evidences I can show, however, I’m not sure if it’s enough to satisfy the criteria of supporting evidence due to it’s been a long time since the last commit…

On the other hand, I’m currently based in Argentina and I have 7+ years of experience in IT, BI and Management and currently I’m working as a Lead Scrum Master (50/50 Individual Contributor and Leadership position) at Accenture.
I’m experienced in FinTech as the majority of Accenture clients are financial organisations.
I deliver various workshops (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, etc.) for internal employees at Accenture acting as a Faculty.
Also I’m a member of local Agile Meetup community where I participate and make contributions such as different presentations, workshops, etc.

Speaking about continuous learning, I’m finishing my BSc in Management Information Systems and having some plans to start an MSc in Information Technology.
Obviously, I have many certificates in Agile (PSM, SAFe), Project Management (PRINCE2) BI (MicroStrategy) and IT (ITIL, Microsoft).

Still, I’m not sure if all the evidence mentioned is enough to satisfy all the criteria.



Just to be clear, we are members of the alumni and not giving a legal advice.

My personal subjective opinion is that your experience might be relevant to Global Talent Promise (for the reference visa has been renamed from Exceptional Talent to Global Talent).

Meanwhile what I recommend you to do is list all of your acchivements / contributions / recommendations / certificates/ etc. in a list and take a list of 6 criteria from Tech Nation documentation. Cross check and see wether you have enough argument. The only way to find out whether it is true or false is to apply and get a feedback from Tech Nation.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks, Herman, I’ve got the idea.

UPDATE: After reading and re-reading the official guide, I’ve finally sorted the things out. The skills, be it Technical or Business category, are just the skills that have nothing to do with your current occupation. I was initially confused reading through the lists seeing titles like ‘DevOps engineers, Hardware engineers, Experienced Product Manager’ and so on.
In fact, the most important thing to show is that you can write code or have extensive knowledge about Product or Project Management, no matter if you are a Scrum Master or Lead Developer or Technical Lead, etc.

Hope it helps to the people who read this forum looking for some advice.


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Hi Mo,

I have provided an extended answer to your questions via LinkedIn messaging.
If you’d like to further discuss any specific details or just let us know on your updates with the process, feel free to post it here.