Tier 1 Exceptional Promise Eligibility?


Hello! :smile:

My plan is to be in the UK and my goal is to build my own company there, so what I’m thinking of is to apply for the Tier 1 Exceptional Promise, with the following plan:

Have a normal cybersecurity job and beside my job I will start building my own company gradually until it becomes stable and then I will leave my job and grow my business.

I work in the Cyber Security field in Palestine (I have around 2 years of experience) and I talked at conferences about my research in the UK last year. Also, I studied in the UK

With this background and plan, I’m I eligible for the Tier 1 Exceptional Promise Visa?

Thank you! (:


Hi Qais,
In my opinion you have all chances to apply for Exceptional Promise and get it but it depends on many factors, that cannot be predicted now.
Just do what you have planned and try to influence other people with technologies that you are working on.
If you have any specific questions about Exceptional Promise - let me know, I am a recipient of this visa.

Andrii Seleznov

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