Tier 1 exceptional talent visa process



I am having 16 years of IT experience and currently in UK with Tier2 ICT. Planning to shift to tier1 exceptional talent visa. Any one will process visa??


You are completely eligible to apply for this visa and two years ago I answered this question.

Hopefully, my thoughts will help you.
Do you have any other specific questions?

Andrii Seleznov



Can you please let me know what are the documents required??


Surely, a full description of the documents you can find in Guidelines.

However, since the question about the list of documents is very popular I have listed documents here and brainstormed ideas for three groups (tech applicants, business applicants and Fast Track. I remember that both categories - business & tech people can apply for Fast Track but since they must provide one more special doc, I made them as a separate group).

Hope, it will be helpful for you.

Andrii Seleznov