Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa - stage 2. Application


Hi Team, I got an endorsement from Tech Nation and currently populating my application at stage 2.

It is required to provide additional information about my application - category of application - type of route (As I understood it is for the first visit-entrance to UK - correct?):

  • To Visit
  • For work or business
  • To study
  • For temporary residence
  • To settle

I’m currently have no job/business in UK so it looks my first visit can be only to collect BRP, I will back then to home to do some remotely.

Please advise what I should say in application?

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Thanks for your question.
This is one of quite new ones. For example, in 2016 when I applied, we did not have these choices.
I can share only my own opinion with you.
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa provides you ability to be in the UK even on the stage of seeking your next job. That is why, you are not obliged to provide a job offer when you are applying for Endorsement and, having this visa, you can stay in the UK and do not need to leave. I mean even if you get your BRP - you can stay in the UK, work remotely and seek for a job being here, not outside of the country.
That is why, if I had to make a choice between offers, mentioned by you above, I will investigate closer the options of “For temporary residence” and “To settle”.

If you will provide extra details on these two options, we can continue our chat. But since I am a not frequent visitor here, it is better to drop me an email.

Andrii Seleznov


Hey Mike,

I applied in Sep 2019 and chose the “For work or business” option. I also added that I plan to come to the UK and build a business in the digital sector. It worked well.


Thank you Ivan,

What evidences you shared? Just provided details (what?) to the web-form in application or shared in Visa-center/Embassy some papers like flight tickets (to UK, from UK), hotel booking, etc. What was you plan? - it was just “to come to the UK and build a business in the digital sector” or something more detailed?
Have you provided any evidences that you have some money to support yourself during the visit?



Thank you Andrii,

Make sense. Re temporary residence. How I can provide string evidence to Home Office if I have no rented flat? or just week in hotel is enough?


No evidence at all. Just this tiny little sentence and that’s it.
I didn’t provide any bank statements, flight tickets, hotel reservation or similar.

I assumed that in the first phase I provided all the necessary information to the Tech Nation, and that is enough.


Oh, got you.
Does it mean that I can chose “For work or business” and provide in web-form a couple of sentences like:
I’m going to arrive at xx.xx.xxxx, to stay at XXXXXX.
My plan is to build my business in the digital sector.

Correct? Is it something similar to what you provided?
Did you say any about you plan to leave UK?


I did exactly like that. And it worked well.
I didn’t say anything regarding my plan to stay in the UK, but I made a payment for the maximum NHS coverage period.


Ivan, Could you please advise if your BRP collection date was depended on visa issue date or on entrance date you provided as planned in application (f.e. 10 days after planned entrance date)?


Hey Mike,

The BRP collection date was specified in the document that I got with the visa. So this is the visa-related date. And the visa entrance date was the date that I specified as a planned entrance date during the application.


Hi Ivolchenskov

what is the best to answer this questions?

  • where you will work
  • what you will earn
  • any reference numbers that your employer has given you
  • when you plan to arrive
  • when you plan to leave
  • where you will stay


I think that the best way is to write as it is. I mean to describe how things really are.

Though you can see one of the possible ways in this post:

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