Tier 1 - Stage 2 application, UK Entrance date, BRP


Dear Team,

Could you please clarify regarding entrance date and BRP?
I have to provide Date I plan to arrive in the UK in application.

“Why this information is important:
If your application is successful, you will be granted a visa to enter the UK. The visa will only be valid for entry to the UK for 30 days. if your visa expires before you travel to the UK, you will have to apply for a replacement visa.
After you arrive in the UK, you will collect a biometric residence permit, which will show that you have permission to remain in the UK.”

So, it is not clear if this date is impaction to any? f.e. to BRP issue date and period when it can be collected.
Like 10 days after my planned arrival date, etc…

Otherwise - I can provide any date and travel when visa is granter (during this 30days period when it is valid). But how and when I can collect BRP in this case?

I’m currently finalising my Stage 2 application and after that will get an appointment to provide documents to visa centre (no idea when it will be).
Assuming that:

  1. Appointment will be in a week or two (Nov 11th week)
  2. Visa process can take up to 8 weeks

So it looks I can be be granted a visa to enter the UK somewhere at End if December, or at first-second week of January.

So, I’m thinking to say that I’m going to arrive Jan 13th
What do you think?



Ideally, you should given entry clearance from the date you enter as planned arrival date however, this is not the case so often. So, your visa start date may very well be the date when your application is decided and thus, your 1 month period will start from that date.


Thank you! Does it mean that my BRP will be available from the day 1 of my entry clearance day?


No your decision letter will indicate which date it will be available for collection.


ok. So if this BRP collection date indicated by decision letter will be connected somehow to my initial planned arrival date? I’m afraid of >1 month gap between entry clearance date and BRP collection date which can lead to some issues f.e. with clearance visa renewal…


Hi Mikhail,

I believe that a timescale of my story will be helpful for you in terms of approximate calculation of days: How Long Does It Take To Get Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa?

Andrii Seleznov


Hi Andii,

Very useful story. Thank you!
Have you provided planned arrival date in application and if there was gap between planned and actual arrival?
Does it mean that in your case your BRP was ready for collection one week after the date of issue a visa and was not linked to any planned arrival date you shared in application?



Hi Mikhail,
As I remember - I put the date October 14 as my planning date of arrival, hence, they used this day.
I believe the BRP collection date is related mainly with a date of visa issue, not a day of planned arrival. However, in my case they were the same. But priority is on visa-related circumstances, not a date, identified by an applicant.

Andrii Seleznov