When to apply & What is processing time


I already have a current visa(Tier 2 ICT) but I want to switch to the Exceptional Talent visa.
When should I apply?
whats the right time to apply?
How long does the endorsement process usually take?


Hi Sagar,
RIGHT TIME is when you feel confident about the strength of your application. As for processing time, as it is mentioned in technation website 25 working days for endorsement.

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@Mukesh_Adhvaryu Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Sagar,

In my case the time between the first idea to apply and the actual application (when the docs were ready to send via post, now this option is muted) took almost 9 months.
That is why you must create a roadmap for you, make internal deadlines for getting Letters of Recommendation and other supporting documents. Again - you must write a strong Personal Statement since you do not have a right for mistake in it.
Regarding the actual date of application - I got tons of questions about April 6 as a date when an applicant has higher chances to get Endorsement so I want to say that this is not true.
Also I wrote a blog post on this topic: http://aseleznov.com/gossips-about-april-6-and-new-uk-visa-year/

And in relation to processing time - this question is already highly discussed here but if you still have questions - again, my old post is about waiting for endorsement: http://aseleznov.com/wait-please-endorsement-process/
In total, I spent around one and half month between the time I sent docs to the UK and got my vignette in passport.

Andrii Seleznov

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@Andrii_Seleznov that’s really helpful. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: